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Companies are made by people. Technology is developed by people. In Adroox we believe in people.

We're Not Just an Affiliate Network. We're a Team.

It isn't just the technology that makes Adroox great.

The individuals that make up our team directly impact the success of our clients. We're made up of experienced marketers, publishers, advertisers, developers, designers, and more, who are all aiming for one thing: To meet your online advertising goals. At Adroox we carry Marketing and Innovation in our DNA. We have been helping companies to grow for more than 5 years. Adroox is a performance marketing agency founded in 2012. We are heirs of the first Direct Marketing company in India, where interactive media, such as A/B testing, postal mail, telemarketing, databases, targeting, segmentation and personalization were already used previous to the existence of the Internet.

Mission & Vision

We aim to connect quality advertisers with relevant publishers and consumers.

We've joined together with premium publishers, built a comprehensive ad network, and forged partnerships with the best in the industry because we want top-notch advertisers to get the results that they deserve.

At Adroox, our mission is to meet your advertising goals--whatever they may be. Is it to build exposure? Generate revenue? Get more users? Talk to us and we'll help you make it happen.

We envision a web that serves up informative, entertaining--and most of all--highly relevant ads without being obtrusive to the consumer. And we're proud to say that Adroox takes steps every day to bring us closer to that vision.








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Our Services

We aim to offer the top quality in everything we do

Programmatic Buying

Reach the right audience at the right time. Pioneers in programmatic buying campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing

Our Marketplace, with more than 1850+ active offers, our smart tools and proprietary Ad Formats.

Display Advertising

Goal oriented, either Branding or Performance. We deliver the right message to the right targeted audience.

Mobile Intelligence

Our proprietary technology and algorithms reach and engage mobile users, getting the highest ROI. We are experts in CPI, CPA or Mobile Branding.

Social Media Buying

Incredible data segmentation. We find niches for your brand thanks to the possibilities of micro-targeting.

Native and Video

Reach and engage your audience with our Native and Video ad formats. Viewability, Brand Safe and Multiple goals.


Web and in-app formats for all your needs.

Ad Format


what we do

The Ultimate performance Ad Network!

Adroox is a global ad network, we specialized in connecting advertisers looking for great results to publishers looking to generate more revenue out of their sites.

Advertiser ? Enjoy our WorldWide performance traffic. working with all pricing models: CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA, CPI, CPS..... we can support almost every offer on the planet! Have large budgets and want to have full managed campaign with dedicated account manager? Contact us.

Want to do it on your own? Register to our self service platform and start running your campaign on your own. In both ways - you will get the best support and the best traffic.

Publisher ? Our unlimited number of offers and great optimization technology will satisfy all your needs! let us find the best offers an tools for you to get the most out of your site or online asset.

Ad Format
Display your ads using our network and reach millions. Adroox supports multiple ad formats, from plain text to rich media, and more. Get ads that look amazing and capture users' attention. Good advertising needs to be eye-catching, interesting – and more importantly – targeted. An ad that lacks relevance is one that consumers will easily ignore. But an ad with strong graphics and targeted content will leave a larger impact.
Touch base with customers no matter where they are or what device they're using through our mobile-friendly advertising solutions.
Take your ad campaign to the next level by going mobile. More and more people are using their smartphones to run searches for a product or a business. If you want to stay ahead of the game, then you need to have a mobile-friendly version of your website. And once you have that, why not monetize that site with the help of an advertising agency that specializes in ads built for mobile devices?
Did visitors leave without completing your Call to Action? Fret not. With Remarketing, you can bring them back to your site. Reach out to those 'window shoppers' and get them back to your site to convert with Remarketing. Want to build your brand and increase your conversion rates? Remarketing is the best -- and easiest -- way to get that done by essentially following those that are interested in your products.
Target the right audience.
Remarketing only targets those individuals who have been to your site and shown an interest in your products. So when your advertisements are displayed to them again, they are guaranteed to get attention. The ad is familiar and may remind a visitor of their interest, ultimately directing them back to your site. Your audience gets to see your ads on some of the most popular websites online, building trust and confidence, and increasing their already peaked interest. This ad strategy will continue to drive increased conversion rates. Targeting the right audience through any advertising campaign is extremely important so why not use Remarketing to make it one of the easiest steps of the process?
Adroox Comment

“Adroox provides quality ad choices customized to each publisher's content and sincere customer service, literally, the kind when you can talk to an actual person! Most of my time is spent communicating with my readers, and sovrn makes the monetization part hands-off!”



“Adroox is powerful, simple and easy to use so that everyone can buy and sell traffic in just a few clicks no matter they are beginners or media buying experts. Adroox provide a cost effective ad platform which includes low prices, better targeting options and a simple interface to manage your ad campaigns.”


Comment Adroox

“When I started monetizing my traffic I thought that all networks are the same, Adroox was giving me quick approval and I started to make money.
I would recommend this company to everyone.”


Comments Adroox

“Adroox is one of the most innovative CPA network, world’s first CPA Hub and direct advertiser of nutra offers represented in the beauty, diet, health, mainstream and adult categories.”


Adroox comments

“Adroox is a leading and innovative CPA advertising network which bridges the gap between advertising and affiliates. The team at CPA Best Offer network has a vast experience in CPA industry. They work with top advertisers and have tried and tested offers that you can jump start and ready to use. If you are looking for top payouts, the best exclusive offers, personal attention to your unique needs and unparalleled affiliate support – then you need to be working with Adroox.”



“Adroox is a CPA, CPM and CPC advertising network that was established by young professionals from the marketing and advertising field. They also work with CPA models. The main goal of Adroox is to bridge the gap between advertisers and publishers. ”



“Adroox is great.I’ve worked with them for about 6 months, my manager is always ready to help me when I need it. The offers payout are much higher than other networks. They pay me on time with PayPal. They accept affiliates all over the world you just need to prove them your experience from other networks and you are in! I am Chineese and I told my manager about it from the very beginning. Be honest and professional with Adroox and they will help you to earn good money.”


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Happy Clients


Adroox made my entrance into affiliate marketing a lot easier, and I appreciate everyone there who has helped me earn a significant amount of money in such a short time.

Happy Clients


I want to thank your staff for providing our hosting company with a great service and helping us setup our campaign in a swiftly manner. We were up and running in less than 10 minutes after our purchase. Keep up the good work guys!

Happy Clients


Adroox is one of the best networks i ever worked with. They paid me weekly since the beginning, even when i only made $100 per week. The managers are very friendly and they always guarantee the highest payouts and conversion rates, i love them!!!

Happy Clients


Your services are really working for us. I expected to receive inquiries about our business but instead we ended up signing up several people to join under me and also sales went up by 25%. I also want to thank Kyran for managing our campaigns and providing us with a top notch service that does work